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My name is Dr. Connor Knapp, I have a passion for helping people whether it’s through chiropractic or healthy lifestyle changes. Below is a little history on who I am but I am excited to meet you and get to know you as an individual.

I grew up in the small town, of Whitehall, MI, and lived there until I attended Grand Valley State University in 2011 where I studied clinical exercise science. My passion for healing and whole-body health began out of my own injury and recovery experience. I loved sports as a kid and played them throughout high school. During that time I experienced a variety of minor injuries, which were ignored as most small injuries are, but those small injuries grew into a larger problem that took me down the road toward surgery.

The recovery process that followed is what piqued my interest in whole-body health. After noticing that my foot opposite to my injured shoulder was hurting while I ran, I took notice that my whole body was compensating for my lack of motion in my shoulder. Showing how the body acts as a whole instead of the sum of each part. I had spent three years wondering how an injury in my shoulder could affect my ankle so much. After three years at Grand Valley and a few anatomy classes, I started to think more about what the foundation of the body was, the spine and I decided that chiropractic was the outlet I could use to heal people in a non-invasive, drug-free way. I decided that Palmer College of Chiropractic, which is the birthplace of chiropractic, was the best place to find answers.

During my time at Palmer, I found the Gonstead Technique to be the best avenue to heal people quickly and effectively. The Gonstead Technique is unique in two ways, the first in how to analyze the whole spine and find the root cause of the nervous system interference, and the second in adjusting style. The adjusting technique focuses specifically on an area of nervous system interference and adjusts only the vertebrae that are causing the interference, which I refer to as subluxation. The Gonstead Technique is set apart from other techniques because it has one of the most reliable ways to find subluxations and adjust them with a safe and bio-mechanical adjustment which allows the body to heal naturally. By studying Gonstead, I developed the skills to best help any patient seeking care. I graduated in February 2018 after an internship with a well-respected Gonstead chiropractor in Vicksburg, MI.

When not in the office, I enjoy running, biking, and spending time outdoors with my wife Phoebe, and our dog, Kona.

My wife, Phoebe, and I are excited to return to Grand Rapids MI to spread Gonstead Chiropractic to help improve the lives of the members of our community.


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