Chiropractic Testimonials

"I first came to see Dr. Knapp because my 11 year old son was a bedwetter, and a friend had referred me. He was very embarrassed by it and he was scared to sleep over at his friend's house. After the first adjustment he had his first dry night in years. It went from every night to 1-2 times a week by the 3rd week it was completely gone. I saw my son's attitude change and he became a much happier kid in the mornings."

- Lori K.

"I first brought my son in because he was having recurring ear infections every month or so. I was tired of constantly doing rounds of antibiotics and my MD suggested we put tubes in his ears but I wanted to give chiropractic a chance before we put in the tubes. When I first brought him in my son was just beginning to complain about his ear hurting. After the first adjustment my son's ear infection improved and after the first month he hadn't had another ear infection. Since coming 7 months ago my son has only complained of his ear hurting once which went right away after an adjustment. We decided he wouldn't need tubes in his ears and he has not had antibiotics since coming in."

- Mallory R.

“I started coming to Dr. Knapp when I couldn’t take the pain and discomfort I was experiencing. I had extreme lower back pain that made it almost impossible to function. The pain was so bad I could barely stand. It developed into sciatic pain that was just too much to handle. My wife was tired of seeing me suffer so she decided to give Knapp Family Chiropractic a call. I went in to do x-rays and an evaluation. The first visit, Dr. Knapp decided to do a small adjustment since I was in such bad shape. Ever since I have felt a million times better and my health has changed completely. I train BJJ and was at the point of stopping but since coming to Dr. Knapp, I haven’t had to take one day off! I am so grateful for what Dr. Knapp has done. Thank you!”

- Daniel T.

“My son was having anxiety. We were referred from a friend who told us about “fight or flight” kids who have traumatic births get anxiety. After two or three sessions. My son’s moods were more upbeat, he began sleeping better. If we skipped a month we could tell right away that his mood would go down and he would get upset much more easily and start having more issues sleeping. Once we had a visit for an adjustment we could watch my son instantly relax into the sweet boy we know. Thank you Dr. Knapp!”

- Jennifer D.

“I’ve had back pain for my entire adult life and have used home stretches, medication and seen other chiropractors with little success. After three appointments with Dr. Connor I am finally pain free and so happy with the results! Thank you Knapp Family Chiropractic!”

- Ben I.

“Working at my computer most of the day I developed chronic pain in my neck after a few adjustments, I felt a huge relief.  Keeping my posture the way he instructed and having regular adjustments, helped me live pain free. Thank you Dr Knapp”

- Paula C.

“Dr. Knapp is patient centered. He uses a mix of old school with new school to give patients exactly what they need. As a coach and teacher who is always on the go, he keeps me mobile and doing the things I enjoy”

- Mr. Gilbert

“I had a great experience with Dr. Knapp. He adjusted me while I was 7 months pregnant and helped alleviate a lot of lower back pain due to my changing body shape and weight. He was supportive and helpful and followed up even after my baby was born. Thank you, Dr. Knapp, for your kind and sensitive care!”

- Gabbie D.

"I wish I came sooner! I have had fibromyalgia for the last 5 years. I have bounced from Doctor to Doctor to figure out why I was in constant pain. Some days were so bad I could hardly leave the house on the best days I was just sore. No Doctor was able to tell me anything more than just diagnosing me. Dr. Knapp was the first one to explain that my body and nerves were making the pain seem worse. He talked and answered my many questions and overtime I found my worst days were gone and I even had days where I felt normal. He even gave me hints on diet and supplements to help improve my fibromyalgia. Which helped me continue to get better."

- Dana L.


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