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You don’t have to live with headaches in Grand Rapids MI!

Frequent headaches and migraines are painful and taxing. Around one in every six Americans suffer from headaches each year. Having pain will make every part of your day harder and physically draining. This can cause us to lose productivity, quality time spent with others, and enjoyment in the little things we do every day. Some headaches allow us to work throughout the day with a consistent annoying pain or throbbing. Others leave us lying in a dark room just to find a little relief. If you have experienced this or regularly experience this, don’t lose hope. We are here to help.

What Causes Headaches

According to the scientific journal, Canadian Family Physician, it is estimated that over 70% of all headaches start in the neck, and or spinal structures. Whether it’s a past trauma such as a car accident, or poor posture at the workplace, misalignments in the neck can lead to neck pain, tension headaches, migraines, and numerous other conditions. The weight and position of our head can stress the curvatures of the cervical spine. Stress on the cervical spine leads to increased wear and tear on the intervertebral disc, which causes excessive stretching and tension on the muscles supporting the neck. These misalignments cause swelling and inflammation in the joint and put weight on the nerves. Pain and decreased nerve function result.

Why see a chiropractor in Grand Rapids MI?

Even a small misalignment in the spine can make a huge impact on the function and structure of the entire body. At Knapp Family Chiropractic, Dr. Connor uses a neurostructural chiropractic technique called the Gonstead Technique.

This approach helps him find the areas of misalignment putting pressure on the nerves. The Gonstead Technique adjusts the spine in a safe and biomechanically correct way. In the course of correcting these misalignments and making the spine more functional, patients see a reduction in pain and discomfort. And over time they see a return to a more natural and healthier cervical curve.

Whether it’s reducing inflammation, relieving pressure from the nerves and disc, or addressing a larger structural issue there are many ways that Knapp Family Chiropractic can help you achieve a healthier today and a brighter future.

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