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By scheduling your first appointment in Grand Rapids MI you have taken an important step towards better health and well-being! Below you will find a step-by-step procedure of how your first appointment will go.
Knapp Family Chiropractic has a unique approach to patient care and the initial visit will take some time so that Dr. Knapp can get to know you, and your health history and explain how chiropractic can benefit you. The first visit will take anywhere between an hour or an hour and a half, subsequent visits will take between 10-20 minutes.

What to Expect in Grand Rapids MI

During the first visit Dr. Knapp will briefly explain how chiropractic and the Gonstead Technique, which Dr. Knapp practices, can help you. The unique Gonstead Technique has helped millions of patients around the world experience better health. In order to find the correct vertebral segments that are causing the problems, Dr. Knapp will use several ways to accurately find the problem causing vertebrae.

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Dr. Knapp uses a very sensitive heat reading instrument called the Nervoscope, which senses the heat produced from swelling and metabolic changes that result from a misaligned vertebrae. This allows the Dr. Knapp to pick up changes in temperature imperceivable to the human hand.

Motion and static palpation are used to detect any loss of motion or swelling as a result of a misaligned vertebrae. At this time looking at your walking gait and posture will also help figure what might be causing any issues.

Next, X-rays will be taken. These x-rays will show the direction of misalignment so Dr. Knapp will know the correct and safest way to adjust that segment.

After this analysis Dr. Knapp will combine all the information gathered in order to be certain that the correct vertebrae will be adjusted. Using a specific and safe adjustment to correct the areas of spinal misalignment and nerve interference you should gradually begin to feel better as you begin the healing process. Everyone heals at different speeds and full resolution of symptoms takes times but Knapp Family Chiropractic is a great place to improve your health naturally and consistently.

“The greatest wealth is HEALTH”

- Virgil Strang

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