A Chiropractors Tips to Avoid Running Injuries in Grand Rapids MI

A Chiropractors Tips to Avoid Running Injuries in Grand Rapids MI

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Running is the most popular form of exercise in the United States. Whether it's with a group of runners, friends, a spouse, or a four-legged furry friend, running can be enjoyed just about anywhere. With so many benefits such as increased energy, stress relief, weight loss, and muscle toning, there's no wonder why Americans are lacing up their shoes and running. When there is such enthusiasm for running it can be disappointing when aches and pains form. Whether new or seasoned, most runners have felt knee pain or back pain, rolled ankles, or shin splints. There are many ways a runner could get injured, luckily there are ways to reduce the risk of running injuries in Grand Rapids MI!

Dont forget the warm-up in Grand Rapids MI

Don't forget to warm up! Nearly every runner has heard this advice before and it stands to be repeated! Warming up can be the simplest and most effective way to help prevent running injuries. By taking a handful of minutes before each run to warm up you can improve your form, get your muscles excited for the run, and decrease your perceived excursion.

Dynamic movements are critical for warming up. Old-school static stretching has been proven to be ineffective in pre-runs or pre-workouts. Static stretching, while great post-run, will actually temporarily weaken the muscle and slightly raise your risk for muscle injuries as a warmup. Below are some great dynamic movements to wake up your muscles pre-workout.

Dynamic Movements for Warm-up

  • Forward lunges
  • Side lunges
  • Jumping rope
  • Hip circles
  • High knees
  • Butt kicks
  • Leg swings

Checking your equipment

In running most people think the only equipment is your running shoes and clothing, but in reality, your body is the largest and most important piece of equipment required for running. Unlike your trusty running shoes your knees, hips, and back can't be easily replaced when they get too worn down. So make sure you are checking up and maintaining all pieces of equipment.

How to Maintain Your Equipment

  • Your Body - Maintaining structural and functional alignment is the best way to keep your body healthy while running. When your joints are out of alignment and are not functioning well we tend to see overuse injuries like sore knees or hip and low back pain. If you are feeling any of these symptoms seeing a neurostructural chiropractor will help. This type of chiropractor can help determine how your joints are functioning and improve your body's structure through chiropractic adjustments.
  • Your Shoes - Just like changing the brake pads in your car, your running shoes should be replaced every 200-500 miles. The foam in shoes is designed to last a while but soon they will be worn out and it will alter the way your foot strikes the ground. Bad shoes alter your form and mechanics, which leads to stress, which causes overuse injuries. If you have an old pair that has seen a few hundred miles it's time to get new shoes and your body will thank you!

Running should be natural and enjoyable. If you find yourself in pain or stuck in the injury cycle. Try these simple tips to find your love for running. No one should have to give up what they love due to pain and injury, let us help you do more of what you love with less pain.


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